Armagetron Servers
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Armagetron Servers
The Hardware

This is my armagetron server built from old parts I found in my spares bin. A raspberry pi model 2B v1.1 from 2015 runs the game servers and a webserver for the game arena maps, an old router from 2007 with dhcp disabled functions as a lan hub.

Initially I was having stability problems and low clock speeds on the raspberry pi, I tried a few 5V chargers and many usb cables but the issue continued.

Directly wiring a 5V 3A psu to the back of the pi pcb solved all the issues and I was able overvolt the system a little, overclock the gpu / chipset to 525 Mhz, ram to 500 Mhz and cpu to 1.05 GHz without any problems and could probably push it a little further.

It's been a pretty solid server and even under heavy load the system temperature never rises above 49°C so passive cooling is all that is required.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, it was taken at night in low light levels and then contrast boosted so its pretty noisy.